Industry News

  • Bus Shelter as important urban public transportation facilities, widely used in various cities. Number of bus warning booths can not be underestimated every day. Therefore, the solar midst of the sun has become more choices.


  • Installed in bus shelters and other street side compared to students in shelters design is more abundant. From style to color is very new, to attract more students into the public bus shelters.


  • The bus shelter will also bring a good sign to the pedestrians of the late return. Currently become an important part of the urban environment, increasingly received extensive attention. Among them, this type of transportation has got a favorite choice of many people with the superficiality of the superficial and price concessions, and has become one of the most popular travel options.


  • In daily production life, most people are very hesitant in choosing a travel mode, I don't know how to choose. With the popularity of Bus Shelter, more and more people will choose the bus as a travel, then the waiting booth will be more and more people know. While getting the wind and rain, what functions do you have in detail?


  • As a national high-tech enterprise, the company has accumulated 79 patents, 12 software Copyrights, 8 of which have passed the national key tests. We have professionals manage team, they pay attention to the production cycle of each order, they are update the export and import cargoes and report the process to customer in time. The strict supervision on each step to guarantee delivery in time.


  • Auto toolbox is a kind of box container used to store auto repair tools. Autopinhui focuses on the auto supplies service market. The auto supplies and service market is becoming more and more segmented.