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How to select a good fire pit

1.Look at the main material of the fire pits 
The material is divided into two parts. The first is the main parts of the grill or grill, such as the stove body and upper cover. This part is the guarantee to ensure the durability of the grill. Most of the materials in the market are stainless steel, which is commonly referred to as stainless iron.

2.Look at the accessory materials of the fire pits
 Here we are talking about the thickness of materials. The same products can have different thicknesses. This is the place where manufacturers are most likely to speculate in order to control costs. Take the upper cover that is easy to see at first sight: the manufacturing process, material thickness and materials of the upper cover affect the overall appearance and tightness of the furnace, which can be observed by the naked eye, The upper cover of the grill is also the most eye-catching part of the overall appearance of the grill. The conventional comparison method is to observe whether it is a double-layer upper cover, whether the assembly process is dense, and if the material is too thin, a groove can appear by pressing it!

3.According to the material of the barbecue net, most of the barbecue nets on the market are vertically and horizontally arranged. In order to control the labor cost and simplify the processing, the efficient fruit of the barbecue rack and barbecue oven is sacrificed, and some of them adopt the wavy barbecue net, which makes the products more noble. This is the difference between famous brand products and general products. The famous brand barbecue rack will always show the dignity and luxury of the famous brand in any part of the product. In addition, the baking net also needs surface treatment and food safety inspection and certification.