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Bus Shelter Function

In daily production life, most people are very hesitant in choosing a travel mode, I don't know how to choose. With the popularity of Bus Shelter, more and more people will choose the bus as a travel, then the waiting booth will be more and more people know. While getting the wind and rain, what functions do you have in detail?
First of all, Bus Shelter is in support with the bus station card, which can make the passengers have a warm and quiet hamper, and the passengers can protect the wind and rain. And it is often configured with a lighting system, allowing pedestrians to find its existence at night. Because most designers will integrate into a lot of fashion elements when designing it, allowing it to be commensurate in appearance, and can give people a pleasing visual enjoyment.
Secondly, modern Bus Shelter have been integrated with urban environments and become a bright landscape in the city. This will easily take the bus.