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Bus shelter design What should you pay attention to?

In the city, the bus shelter is one of the city's public infrastructure is very common, has a vital role in many people travel to the city life. Of course, as technology and continuous improvement of people's aesthetic standards, functional bus shelters is growing stronger and stronger. Today we'll talk about the idea of shelter for students:
Installed in bus shelters and other street side compared to students in shelters design is more abundant. From style to color is very new, to attract more students into the public bus shelters.
In addition to the appearance and color, structural strength design students inside the shelters also need attention. Student curiosity is very strong, is likely to damage something in the student shelters. Like Windows, doors and windows closed shelters, the shelters are students more easily damaged parts, so select multiple windows with tempered glass around the main screen is broken even if the students will not have cause great danger.
Students shelters interior space of course, also utilized. Walls and advertising images can post all kinds of scientific knowledge and favorite sayings, extra-curricular knowledge, knowledge of life, treatment and other emergency situations.
Students and ordinary shelters shelters there are some gaps. Pupils shelters not only to attract the attention of children, so that children can go directly to a secure, separate waiting space.